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What Do Video Production Companies Do?

To get a person’s attention for roughly five minutes is a massive feat these days. We surround ourselves with technology which overloads our sensory signals by pushing new information constantly. With the high and fast turnover of information on the Internet and the sheer volume of films being produced on a daily basis, it’s easy for important videos to be overlooked, or in some unfortunate cases, ignored. Especially, when that certain video lacks the ‘viral’ quality.

Thus,  video production companies have become more in-demand than ever. When most people think of a video production company they think of Hollywood and A-list celebrities. However, there’s a variety of video production companies that focus on many other things.

What Does a Video Production Company Do?

video-production-companiesA video production company services can vary from a convention-center documentation, commercial production, live webcasting/streaming, AVR production for hotels, weddings, and other corporate events. Video production companies are mainly focused on one type of work, may it be commercials, or corporate videos, to filming movies in Hollywood.

Video Production for Small & Corporate Businesses

Purpose: Viral Marketing, B2B/ B2C video presentation, Product Launches, Commercials

Boutique video production companies have a process and team in place that is driven to align your marketing requirements and expectations whether it be for promotional material to attract customers or investors. Most video production companies focus on producing eye-catching videos and distributing them to target audiences. For example, Lemonlight Media, specialized in Chicago video production, also has their headquarters in Los Angeles. They create videos that capture the essence of your business in various styles of video formatting, thus helping you attract your target demographic.

When brands feel like their marketing effort has hit a wall, video production companies can help you figure out the best strategy that can lead to new ideas and more refined marketing perspectives. They make sure that the story is authentic and visually compelling from concepts to post-production and sometimes, online promotion.

Video production companies centered on services for corporate businesses know that story is key at ALL times and still is able to work around budget limitations. They also stay up-to-date on all trends across the industry to help their clients reach their targeted demographic.

Video Production for Events

Purpose: Weddings, parties, conferences, roadshows

video-production-company-small-businessHiring video production companies and a key photographer is now a mainstay in any event’s checklist.

Event videos are the perfect tools to magnify the impact of your event. It can help you reach an audience beyond those who can attend. May it be a wedding or a corporate retreat, these events will be perfectly captured by your video production company.

Video production companies that specialize in intimate events, parties and conferences aim to provide you the perfect memorabilia, compelling multimedia and motion loops.

They help create/enhance a magical atmosphere in a wedding event; ensure that roadshows run flawlessly and with continuity when you’re on the road, assist in creating the perfect atmosphere at a conference.

Video Production for Live Streaming/ Recording/ Webcasts

Purpose: For branding & marketing

An established video production company is already guaranteed to have a team that works together as a well-oiled machine.

Video requirements for live streaming can be hectic and demand experienced production specialists because you only have one chance to get everything right. While they’re at it, their video engineers make sure that your videos are encoded to be streamed flawlessly to any chosen platforms like Livestream, Ustream, Twitch, Google Hangouts, Youtube, etc.

From single-camera web chats to high-profile multi-camera shows, video production teams specializing in live streaming have the expertise and equipment to bring ideas to life.

Video Production for TV & Film

video-production-company-los-angelesPurpose: For TV series & Films

This is a whole new universe of video production that caters to the large scale of cinematography requirements. Film production companies offer full-featured studio services that normally include, CGI renderings, animation, visual effects, live action filming, production fixers, post-productions etc.

They are more up-to-date with technology than production companies specializing in small-scale events and more likely to have a more advanced skill in filmmaking and cinematography.


Do you have a job in the video production industry? If so, what do you do? What has been your experience with the video production field? Where are you based off? What has been your most memorable experience on the job?