7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Independent Films

Independent films have been a hard-hitting force that has shaken Hollywood to its core. It’s an incredible subsection of cinema that is often overlooked. However, in recent years indie films have gained notoriety.

Indie films resemble an authentic culture in our society with its undaunted raw quality, which dares us to be accepting of the most poignant events, opposes dominant societal structures, and becomes the voice of the unheard groups.

1. It Creates More Job Opportunities.watch-independent-films-creates-jobs

Seventy percent (70%) of the films being produced yearly are independent films. It creates more job opportunities worldwide than the major leagues in film production. Therefore, the more we support independent films, the more likely we help the industry create jobs for everyone.

The industry is larger than most people think. There’s an entire organization dedicated to independent films. Take a look at IFP.org, The Independent Filmmaker Project. They bring together skilled artists and the necessary resources to make their dreams become a reality on screen.

2. It Fills in a Gap.

Independent films fill in the gaps that most big-budgeted movie lack on. It is not afraid to venture on more diverse, more relatable, more realistic events that leave you speechless and bewildered. It is what it is and it is always relevant. Watch independent films, not just because it is not an everyday thing, but because it is an experience all on its own.

3. Lack of Budget Means a Need for Creativity…

… Thus making watching indie films more digestible. It doesn’t exclusively focus on the spectacle, it isn’t glamorous, and it stays true to its form. Although don’t be surprised if they blow you away because a majority of independent films are fantastic works of arts. The issue is the lack of distribution to the general public.

There’s satisfaction in the case that the less money you have to make a film, the more you become innovative. That’s when filmmakers are inspired to push beyond their limits.

Some most loved low-budgeted independent films of all time are Juno, Lost in Translation, Requiem for a Dream, The Usual Suspects, have achieved a status that most commercial film can only hope to reach.

4. It Celebrates Freedom.

watch-independent-films-creativityUnrestrained artistry has the ability to produce the greatest works of all time.
And its freedom comes in three aspects.

First is the filmmaker’s ability to make a creative decision without going through all red tapes that a director with big fat paycheck goes through. Second is that independent films are free to show its audience the truth because it doesn’t answer to any film production mogul. Third is that the audience is free to filter, interpret and celebrate its beauty without being dictated by how to accept it.

5. It is a Resilient Subculture.

Films made outside a Hollywood studio are unfazed by the lack of a budget. They illustrate the most daring ideas, they document unspeakable societal issues, and they linger around issues that invite censorship and discrimination. Watching independent films is a form of activism for certain films.

It allows you to become more aware of issues. You see the incredible journeys others have gone through or are currently going through. Watching independent films really is an eye-opening experience.

6. It is Vital in Today’s Cultural Globalization.

watch-independent-films-globalizationIndependent filmmaking is the basis of our current problematic cultural standards because it is able to expose stark realities and speak directly to its stakeholders.

The rest of the obscured world can be known nowadays through a filmmaker’s lens. Contemporary indie films from Iran, Turkey, France, Korea, Japan etc., have been widely recognized around the globe proving that there has been a dramatic cultural shift towards setting film standards across all culture.

7. It Forces Us to Think Differently.

We live vicariously through films. We find that our musings, stories, and desires are mirrored in films and yet it is able to show us the other side.

Indie films can intellectually or nonchalantly present conflicts, issues, even mundane day-to-day things that we often take for granted. It shines a light that we can’t look away from. By watching an independent film, you’ll break away from your routine and it’ll truly make you think and laugh.

Half the world is lusting over breaking cultural barriers. Independent films are slowly chipping their away into the mainstream public. There rise in independent films is due to the demand. They are being celebrated more and more and are winning incredible awards at independent film festivals all throughout the world.

What’s your favorite indie film? Why did you choose to see it over a more mainstream film? What was your take-a-away from the film? Chime in below!